Considering the Color Wheel for Home Decor

You should be careful when finding home décor with a good color on it. You have to make sure that the color is suitable for whatever you want to use.

Hot or Cool?

You can start by taking a look at the hot or cool colors that you could be using in your home:

  • Hot colors like red or yellow will make a room look a little smaller because the colors will have an easier time standing out from others in a spot.
  • Cool colors like blue or violet will make an area look a little deeper and therefore larger.
  • White and black are neutral colors that will not really change any appearances.

Considering the Color Wheel for Home Decor

Supporting Colors

Multiple colors can be used in your room if you are aware of what you want to get out of them:

  • You can use colors that might feature tones that match with each other. For example, a darker shade of gray may go well with dark blue.
  • You can also add colors based on the color wheel to make things more attractive. This includes trying to get colors to be as similar to each other as possible.

 Matching Colors Can Help

You might want to take a look at what you are getting when finding similar colors. These include such things as taking a single color in with a variety of different tones. This can include using multiple shades of red in the same room without other colors coming in the way.

These ideas should be used when finding colors for your home décor. This is all to make things more interesting and useful.