Common Types of Home Décor Lanterns to Use

Your home décor plans may be easy to facilitate if you have a good lantern to use in the home. There are many kinds of lanterns that can be added in your home with one of many different kinds of tones or accents.

The Table Option

A table lantern may be useful if you’re going to have a light source that can go on a counter or other type of shelf in your home. This kind of lantern needs to have a few specific points to make it special.

  • A candle lantern may be ideal if you have a flat or hard surface to place it on. It won’t cause any wax residue to be stuck in fabric areas where it can be a challenge to clean it out.
  • A metallic lantern is useful for going alongside the furniture design.
  • Wooden lanterns are good for rustic environments.

Common Types of Home Décor Lanterns to Use.00_jpg_srz

 What About the Placement?

The places that you can get this option for home décor in needs to be considered as there are many types of lanterns that can work in different parts of your home.

  • Many of today’s lanterns are hanging options that can go on a ceiling or be hung from a stand that you can place in the corner of a room.
  • A traditional table option may also be used. This should have a flat surface to make it easy to prop up.

You can even go with a wall-mounted option if you want something that’s easy to use without taking up more space.