Rhino Deck Was the Perfect Wedding Gift

My husband and I thought long and hard about what we could give our daughter and new son-in-law to commemorate their marriage. We wanted our gift to be something they could use and enjoy for many years to come. In other words, the standard gifts of delicate vases and salad spinners just would not do. Finally, we came up with an idea that ended up being the best present they received.

While our daughter and her new husband were on their week-long honeymoon trip, we set out to replace their old aging deck with a new one. We had used Rhino Deck products in our own yard and knew that the composite wood material not only looked great, but it also lasted a long time with minimal upkeep.

Before the newlyweds went out-of-town, we had already lined up a skilled carpenter to begin work the day after they left. We selected a color that we thought best matched the home’s exterior and decided on a size and layout for the back deck.

The carpenter and his crew worked tirelessly for a couple of days and finished the deck for our daughter. The deck was simply beautiful. I couldn’t wait for my daughter and her husband to see the gift we had chosen to give them.Rhino Deck Was the Perfect Wedding Gift

Before they arrived back home, my husband and I wanted to make the deck even more special by adding new patio furniture. In addition to the stylish table and chairs we bought them, we also purchased them a grill so they could entertain or cook for themselves. We figured the added furnishings would be the icing on an already scrumptious cake.

The overall transformation was simply amazing. Before we started working on the project, their back deck was outdated, rotting and, frankly, a bit of a safety hazard. Now, their deck is both beautiful and safe.

The day my daughter and son-in-law were due home, my husband and I and several close family members gathered at their home to welcome them back to town and reveal our surprise. Once the newlyweds saw the new deck, they were awestruck. They said they could not even imagine a better gift than the one we provided them. My son-in-law said that the new deck and grill would let him show off his barbecuing skills and my daughter said was looking forward to inviting over their friends to show everything off.

Years later, my daughter and son-in-law are still enjoying their deck immensely. They continue to talk about how surprised they were when they arrived back at home from their honeymoon to find the deck.

We have never regretted investing in the couple’s new deck. We are thrilled that even years after their wedding, they are still using the gift we gave them as newlyweds. What could be better than that?