Ensuring Your Epoxy Coated Floors Look Like New For Years

Epoxy coating is preferred by owners of commercial setups as well as homeowners these days for numerous advantages offered by it. However, getting the floor coated by a Philadelphia epoxy flooring service provider is not enough. You will need to learn the effective ways to clean and maintain such floors. Thankfully, keeping the epoxy coated floor in your garage, basement, offer or shop is not very tedious or time consuming.


Below listed are the effective tips you can utilize to ensure your epoxy coated floor looks shining for years:

  • Sweeping- Sweeping with a soft broom once per day is ideal to keep epoxy coated floors free of dust. Ensure the dust mop does not have abrasive cloth or parts.
  • Washing- Washing the floor once per week would be good in most instances. However, in high traffic commercial setups, washing epoxy floor more than once per week may be a necessity.
  • Cleaning spills- Whether it is at home or shop or office, spillage of liquid is not uncommon. If you find any liquid, beverage or cleaning fluid has spilled on epoxy floor, quick cleaning is advisable. Acidic and caustic liquids should be taken off the floor as soon as possible to thwart damage to the surface. For any small spill or vehicle dripping, using a soft cotton cloth is enough.
  • Treating stains- Any floor can get stained over prolonged usage. Cleaning epoxy stains should be done carefully. You can buy special stain cleaners meant for such floors and get rid of stains. To clean stains that took place sometime ago, you may have to use the kitchen scrubbing pad on the floor. However, refrain from resorting to very hard scrubbing.
  • Preventing scratches- The epoxy coating on the floor of your house or office can develop scratches and dents over time. To ensure the floor surface is not scratched badly keep sharp objects and equipments away. So not drag or slide such objects on the floor.
  • Heavy cleaning needs- Sometimes, it may so happen an epoxy coated floor is heavily soiled owing to lack of use and prolonged absence of the owner, etc. To clean such floor, you need to be a little more careful. First, sweep the loose debris and dust particles away. Then use a wet mop soaked in mild cleaning fluid to mop the floor. Do not ever use any acidic cleaner. Soap based cleaners tend to leave a residue on epoxy floors.