How to Safely Reach and Work on High Places Around the Home

When working around the home, there are times when something you need to get your hands on is just above your reach. Whether you are simply getting something down from a top shelf in the closet or placing wallpaper on the walls, there will be times when you need to reach further than your arms can stretch. In these cases, it helps to know how to safely reach those places without doing injury to yourself or breaking something of value.


First a Word About Exterior Heights

Some homeowners like to do as many DIY projects as possible. It isn’t always about saving money, although that is a huge consideration, but sometimes homeowners just like to take control of their home. They feel if they do it, it will be done to their specifications and sometimes this is true. However, when working on the gutter system or on a roof, it helps to have that professional safety gear available to you. If you are one of those who likes to clean your own gutters or inspect your roof annually for any damage from the elements, you might want to invest in a good quality fall arrester harness. You won’t see the pros up at high levels without one, so take example from them and get your own!

It’s All About Ladders

There are too many accidents each year because of well-intentioned homeowners trying to reach something by standing on a chair. When it comes to reaching heights above where you can safely reach, never use a chair! Not only are they hard to climb on and off of, they are simply not built for climbing on! The weight distribution is all wrong. Step off to the side and you can quickly lose your balance and tip.

Reaching high places is all about ladders so it pays to know the various types available. From step ladders to extension ladders, there is a ladder made for the task at hand. If you use both kinds frequently, you might want to invest in a multiuse ladder which functions as both a step ladder and an extension ladder and has a scaffold as well. For those who like to dabble in painting the home, this would be the ideal choice.

Always Keep Safety in Mind

Finally, it is essential that you realize just how important safety is when working at high levels. While it may seem like the word “safety” has been mentioned a lot, that is for a very good reason. A great number of accidents occur each and every year because proper care wasn’t given to stepping only on a ladder built for the task at hand. At the very least, always keep at least a three-tiered step ladder on hand but if you will be doing any work on the exterior of your home, you will need a good quality ladder with an excellent safety rating.

Check out your local home improvement stores to purchase the ladder, or ladders, that you will be using frequently. Always keep safety in mind and leave those chairs around the table where they belong.