5 Ways to Create a Kitchen with a Scandinavian Touch in the Decor

The designing of a kitchen has come a long way. Now, people not only focus on the functionality of the space but also the elegance and the visual appeal of it too. So, when you are thinking of getting your kitchen designed, get ready for a brainstorming session. Why? After all, you cannot let your kitchen just like a clone of many other kitchens in every home of the city, right? So, how you have decided your kitchen will look like?

Now, in typical American households, different styles of many other countries are slowly invading. Face, Italy or England counties are becoming quite a dominant influence in terms of the décor, style, finish, and aesthetics. So, when you are planning to design your new kitchen, why are not you thinking of taking it directly from Scandinavia? How will you plan it? Well, with the right plan and things, it is not at all difficult. Take a look at the following points to get inspired.

Functional Layout

The main features of a Scandinavian kitchen are the simplicity and the warmth, welcoming feel it exudes. So, the first thing that you need to think of ensuring is that the layout of the kitchen will be functional. So, make sure that you are doing everything to make space look perfect for spending a lot of time there and doing all the work without any hassle.

Efficient Cabinetry for Storage

The biggest and most prominent fixture of any kitchen is the efficient cabinetry. In a modern kitchen, when you are trying to find the right cabinets, you not only need to look for the most functional cabinets but also for the ones that are aesthetically stunning and will transform the look of the kitchen magically. For that, RTA cabinets will be the best option. On one hand, they are extremely efficient and functional to fit in any space. On the other, there won’t be any compromise with the storage that it will provide.

Nature Inspired Muted Tone and Texture

For a Scandinavian kitchen, another very prominent characteristic is the muted tone and texture that are also natural or nature inspired. For example, if you are planning to create such a kitchen, it is necessary that you think of using texture of Cherry, Walnut or White wood. They are natural, warm and muted enough to add a sophisticated glow in the whole décor. Since wood is the best way to add texture in a functional and minimal kitchen, use the chance perfectly. Not just cabinetry, but also focus on the chairs, kitchen island and so on.

Natural Light

A Scandinavian kitchen is known for its warmth and glow and that can only happen when you are letting the natural light in the space. Plenty of natural light in your kitchen serves two purposes. On one hand, if you are going through the same old crisis of space constraint, the natural light will make the space look spacious and cheerful which will eventually make the space more comfortable for you to work at.

All Around Access

If you are designing a functional layout for a Scandinavian kitchen, it is another very important thing that you must incorporate. All around access to the counter is necessary. Hence, while planning the seating arrangement around your kitchen island or placing the couch just beside the big glass window, make sure you are not blocking the way to occupying too much of floor space.

So, now as you know about these ideas, what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearby store of wholesale kitchen cabinets and get your hands on the right one for such a kitchen interior planning. Don’t worry. Your kitchen will look like a vision.