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Should You Change Your Bathtub for a Shower?

Does your home have a bathroom that has a bathtub only? Should you consider switching your old bathtub for a shower only unit? While the trend was to have homes with bathtubs in them however, according to the American Institute of Architects it is now a growing trend to have bathtub-less bathrooms. Actually, a survey conducted in 2013 found that 60 percent of homeowners prefer a shower only unit rather than a bathtub. If you have more than one bathroom in your home you should considering keeping at least one tub in case you ever deicide to sell your home and the new owners have children or mini blinds to wash. However, if you are not planning on selling your home anytime soon and want to treat yourself to luxury than you should definitely consider swapping out your old bathtub for a luxurious shower. So, what kind of return on investment are we looking at with the idea of switching the tub for a shower? While some sources say that getting rid of the bathtub may drop the value of your home slightly, especially with those with children, other sources beg to differ. Showers can provide you with extra storage space as well as be more convenient for older folks who have more difficulty stepping into a tub. If you only have one bathroom and are planning to switch to a shower only you need to really consider the hit that you may be experiencing if you do ever plan on selling your home. Although it is growing less and less popular, some people still prefer to bathe their children in tubs as well as soak themselves in bathtubs once in a while. But then again, sometimes it is best to think about your own needs and what you are looking for rather than thinking too far ahead in the future.

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Be expert and know about cleaning carpet

Human beings have natural tendency to decorate their house in a good manner. Many experts say that house decoration can reduce your stress in a very good way. In addition to this, good decoration also creates social reputation among your relative and friends. Many people choose a different style of decorating the house. Some prefer to use unique items and many other use colors and textures to decorate their wall with lighting effects. At present time many different types of lighting systems available in the market which can change the entire color scheme of the room according to the mood of the house owner. Carpets are most favorite decoration tool which many people include in the interior of their house. There are lots of benefits of doing this. Firstly carpets are available in the different colors and easily they can match with the coloring schemes. Some healthy benefits are also attached with a carpeting of the floor inside the house. Many experts have already proved the fact that good and clean carpets can work like an air purifier and better for the health of a family. On the other hand, many people avoid using carpets for the house decoration and give an excuse that carpets require lots of maintenance and it is very typical to clear a carpet at home. You can use professional carpet cleaning services like E Carpet Cleaners because they are best services provider as a carpet cleaner.

Be expert and know about cleaning carpet

Frequency of cleaning treatments

On the other hand, there are thousands of different products available in the market which can make it very easy for you to clean the carpet at home. Most of the time carpets get stains and spots very easily. In case there are lots of young children and pets in the house, carpets get dirty very soon and need frequent cleaning treatments.

Good quality carpets

You must start with the purchasing of good quality carpet in case you want to use to use carpets without any hassle. There are some small things which you can keep in mind at the time of purchase of carpet.

Importance of fibre

Fiber is the most important factor which decides the life expectancy of carpet. On the other hand, different fibers have certain qualities which make is very easy to clean carpets. Some fibers have natural tendency to keep your carpet free from stains and spots. You must check the quality of carpet fiber for good results.

Common problems – carpet cleaning

There are some common problems you can simply take some steps to avoid the harmful effects. Fading and color loss is a common problem after more cleaning sessions most of the carpets start losing their original colors and faded carpets look even more dirty and unhealthy. Some carpet manufacturers use a poor material for making of carpets. Choose the best and quality product because you are spending your hard earned money on the carpeting of your house. In addition of this, the good quality material never gets faded and has long life span. It is also quite easy to clean a good quality carpet.

New users of carpets

In case you have installed the carpet first time in your house, you might experience an odor for the first few days. You can simply keep your doors and windows open. After few days it will vanish and you can also use room perfumer for better results. Another thing which you will notice is shedding which means some types of carpets will start loosing fibers at the time of vacuum cleaning. There is no need to get upset by it because it will not harm your carpet. Regular cleaning using vacuum cleaner also solves this problem and after some time it will stop.

Installation of carpet is also significant if they are not installed properly you can experience buckle or ripple in your carpet. A good carpet installer knows this fact very well that humid environment is also responsible for this. Buckled carpets can look really bad you can just call the installer for the re-stretching.

In the last, all types of carpets require proper care and attention just like your pets because they also work for you. They welcome your guest warmly and give you a warm feeling when you walk on them. In addition to this good carpet can trap all type of bacteria and dust in it and later on these can be removed with the help of professional carpet cleaners.

Ensuring Your Epoxy Coated Floors Look Like New For Years

Epoxy coating is preferred by owners of commercial setups as well as homeowners these days for numerous advantages offered by it. However, getting the floor coated by a Philadelphia epoxy flooring service provider is not enough. You will need to learn the effective ways to clean and maintain such floors. Thankfully, keeping the epoxy coated floor in your garage, basement, offer or shop is not very tedious or time consuming.


Below listed are the effective tips you can utilize to ensure your epoxy coated floor looks shining for years:

  • Sweeping- Sweeping with a soft broom once per day is ideal to keep epoxy coated floors free of dust. Ensure the dust mop does not have abrasive cloth or parts.
  • Washing- Washing the floor once per week would be good in most instances. However, in high traffic commercial setups, washing epoxy floor more than once per week may be a necessity.
  • Cleaning spills- Whether it is at home or shop or office, spillage of liquid is not uncommon. If you find any liquid, beverage or cleaning fluid has spilled on epoxy floor, quick cleaning is advisable. Acidic and caustic liquids should be taken off the floor as soon as possible to thwart damage to the surface. For any small spill or vehicle dripping, using a soft cotton cloth is enough.
  • Treating stains- Any floor can get stained over prolonged usage. Cleaning epoxy stains should be done carefully. You can buy special stain cleaners meant for such floors and get rid of stains. To clean stains that took place sometime ago, you may have to use the kitchen scrubbing pad on the floor. However, refrain from resorting to very hard scrubbing.
  • Preventing scratches- The epoxy coating on the floor of your house or office can develop scratches and dents over time. To ensure the floor surface is not scratched badly keep sharp objects and equipments away. So not drag or slide such objects on the floor.
  • Heavy cleaning needs- Sometimes, it may so happen an epoxy coated floor is heavily soiled owing to lack of use and prolonged absence of the owner, etc. To clean such floor, you need to be a little more careful. First, sweep the loose debris and dust particles away. Then use a wet mop soaked in mild cleaning fluid to mop the floor. Do not ever use any acidic cleaner. Soap based cleaners tend to leave a residue on epoxy floors.

Find The Most Apt Furnace Service Providers In Columbus

People need to use various types of appliances in their houses, which can be of varying sizes and cost can be varied too. While some home or kitchen appliances can have a lifespan of 5 years or so there are a few that are bought with an expected lifespan spanning decades. The furnace is one such example. Most people buy one or two furnaces in their lifetime, as it is. So, when you opt for furnace installation at your home, ensure that it is the most apt device for your needs.


Things to check when you look for furnace sellers

There are a few things that should be in your mind when you look for furnace sellers in your region:

  • First of all, you should analyze the expertise and reputation of the company. It is prudent that you purchase a furnace from those Columbus furnace installers that have been in this sector for a pretty long time. It will enhance chances of getting a product that offers good service and lasts for a long time.
  • When buying a furnace for home usage, you also need to look for warranty. Furnaces are used extensively in cold climate regions and prolonged wear and tear can result in parts getting worn out even if it is a costly device. A long warranty will help you save money for part repair and replacement.
  • Not every person buying furnace has the same needs or budget. So, you should preferably buy a furnace from entities that have a wide range of products. Ensure the device meets your home heating needs well and fits the budget too. You have to think of the running costs as well.
  • No matter how expensive or feature rich a furnace is, over time it will require maintenance. It is always better that you buy furnace from a company that also offers comprehensive maintenance for products sold by it. It is way better than hiring a third party service providers eventually! If you sign up for furnace maintenance packages offered by such contenders your furnace will be cleaned and tweaked periodically.
  • Much to the dismay of users, furnace problems can crop up unexpectedly and during winter months! It is tedious when your home furnace malfunctions in chilly winter days. It is even more cumbersome to contact and choose from existing repair service providers. If the furnace sellers also offer repair services it is better. Veteran Ohio furnace sellers offer round the clock service so that the clients do not have to cope with the agonizingly chilly climate.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Home Salon Furniture

More and more women including stay-at-home moms own a salon right at their homes to take care of their beauty and that of family and friends. If you are one of these women, and are looking to upgrade your salon, an excellent way to do so is to get new, stylish and suitable furniture. However, it can be quite tough to obtain furniture that meets those three qualities. You have so many things to consider before you can make the right decision and begin enjoying the benefits.

Some Of These Vital Considerations Are:

  • Available Space Of The Salon

This should definitely be number one on your list of factors to consider. You do not want to by an expensive piece of furniture that that will take much of your space and make your salon restrictive or cramped. You, your family and any friends that visit the salon will not have a comfortable say since you will have little room to move around freely. Furthermore, it may be quite dangerous to perform certain beauty tasks in the salon such as washing hair, blow-drying and massage since these require plenty of free space. You will end up wasting your money for nothing.

  • The Going Rate

Before you decide on what type of furniture to buy for your salon, it is vital to determine the budget you are working with. If your budget is limited, then you should consider getting a certain type of furniture first and wait until you have enough money to buy the rest. If your salon is new, you can opt to start with, stylish salon chairs first then you can add various other units as you go along. Keep in mind that professional salon furniture is expensive.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Home Salon Furniture

Hence, you should look to buy salon furniture tailored for home use. You should visit more than one dealer to compare prices before you buy. An excellent place to find cheaper prices is in online stores.

  • Your Particular Needs

Every home differs when it comes to beauty needs because people have different types of hairs, skin tones and preferences. Hence, before you go to buy furniture for your salon, it is best to know your needs and that of your family. There are countless available options when it comes to the comfort and style of your salon furniture. Carefully pick the ones that will suite your family. For instance, if you have small children who also use the salon, you can buy for them car racer salon chairs to keep them interested while you work on their hair.

If the salon doubles up as a spa, you can install a hot towel cabinet, which is designed specifically for holding hot towels.

  • The Different Types

You cannot wake up in the morning to go to buy salon furniture without having a clear understanding of the different types of salon furniture. You also should settle on the type that will be most suitable for your salon. The most basic type of furniture in any salon is the backwash unit. This furniture became popular in the late 70s when they were just simple chairs with an attached basic washbasin for shampooing.

Today, these units are highly advanced salon couches with stylish washbasins, digital sensors and multi-spindle taps to offer you a relaxing and comfortable experience when shampooing, conditioning and any other type of head massage. Then next common type of furniture in a salon these days is barber chairs. This is one of the oldest professions known to man. Modern barber chairs are designed to be suitable in both in a barbershop and a salon. Other types of salon furniture include styling chairs, treatment chairs, nail tables and massage tables.

A crucial part of owing a salon whether it is at home or commercial is to purchase high quality styling chairs. You should not buy used salon furniture for the safety and comfort of you and your clients. Durability, safety and comfort should be the main guiding factors when purchasing salon chairs. If you are new to this, choosing suitable salon furniture can be challenging. To make the right selection, visit a credible online company and carefully browse through its catalog. Then pick the ones that suite you.

Author Bio

Sean Bowen is an expert blogger who has his expertise in the field of furniture and home decor. Most people visit his blog because they contain information on furniture such as salon chairs, and other furniture unique in the home.

DIY Carpentry Tips and Advice

DIY carpentry can be fun if you don’t mind a bit of down-to-earth physical work and it can provide a much needed boost to your creativity. Take some blocks or pieces of wood; get a saw, planer, hammer, nails and measuring tape; and use your hands and imagination. Suddenly, you are a DIY carpenter and you will begin to look at things that require repair and maintenance in a new light. The fact is that with a little learning and practice, anyone can do minor carpentry works themselves and save money.

To get started in carpentry, you will need several tools, such as planer, hammer, saw, tool pouch, Fisco Tape Measures, chisel, framing square, speed square, carpenter’s pencil and electric drill. These are the basic tools you will need. There are also many other advanced tools that you can get as your acquire more skills. But having the tools is not enough because carpentry is as much about skill as hard work. To become a good carpenter, you must also have a lot of imagination and the knack for finding solutions to unforeseen problems.

DIY Carpentry Tips and Advice

Here Are Some Tips And Advice That You Can Use If You New To Carpentry:

  • Get Quality And Durable Tools:Once you get started, you will be using your tools often and expect them to produce the best results. You would also expect them to last many years without needing to be repaired or replaced; so buy only high quality tools that are efficient and durable. To ensure quality, buy from renowned toolmakers like Irwin Record Tools, which is one of the most trusted names for all kinds of carpentry tools.
  • Always Measure More Than Once Before Cutting:When cutting any piece of wood, you will first need to measure the exact length, width and height you want. To avoid any errors, always measure at least twice. Measuring multiple times may seem a waste of time, but it prevents errors and saves you time and money. Always keep a measuring tape and pencils within reach, or make it a habit to carry them in your pocket if necessary.
  • Do Not Use Too Much Force:Carpentry requires a lot of physical work and if you use too much force, you will soon find yourself out of energy and unable to continue. Be gentle on the tools and materials. When using the hammer, try to use only your wrists and not your whole arms; when using the planer, do not push too hard; and when using the saw, try to use only your hands and not your whole body.
  • Learn From The Experts:As in every field requiring skill, carpentry is also best learned from the experts. If you know someone who is good at carpentry, watch him handle his tools. Learn from him how to design and build furniture. It is dangerous to use tools with sharp edges without proper knowledge. Whenever you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask questions. If you don’t know anyone, then research on the internet.